For Writers in a Rut: Jump-Start Your Motivation with These Tools

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Writing is a journey full of ups and downs, triumphs and roadblocks. Even the most prolific authors have faced times when the words just won’t flow and self-doubt creeps in. If you’re currently struggling with your writing project, please know you’re not alone.

The good news? We have some great resources available to help you get unstuck and reignite your creative spark. From motivational content to practical exercises and group support, a little inspiration and new perspectives can go a long way.

To help you get your writing back on track, I’ve compiled a list of some useful tools and opportunities available right now. Whether you need a mindset reset, accountability partners, or targeted strategies for your specific hurdles, I’m confident at least one of these will be just what you need.

Free Resources:

  • Download All About Writing’s free Getting Your Writing Project Started Again worksheet to help you get some fizz into that stale project of yours whether you are picking it up after a gap of weeks or months or even years.
  • For an empathetic pep talk on overcoming creative struggles like self-doubt and fear of failure read this blog inspired by the comment ‘To Write is to Be Brave’ which looks into the vulnerability and courage required for the writing process.
  • For a wide-ranging video discussion on how to tackle that plague which infects writers at all levels of experience, watch the replay of our Writer’s Block webinar.

  • Brush up on your craft with our free workbook, Rocket Fuel for Your Writing. It’s a collection of my motivational essays with additional exercises and advice. They’ll help writers find ways of dealing with some of the key challenges they face and will help writers turn their ideas into compelling stories. Or you can buy a hardcopy spiral-bound edition which includes lined pages on which to respond to each exercise through ​The Great British Book Shop in the UK​, or ​Takealot in South Africa​.

Need help establishing a writing routine?

  • Sign up for All About Writing’s Thirty-day Writing Bootcamp. You’ll receive daily email guidance from pro writers who understand just what you need to fuel your creativity. Dive into stimulating writing exercises and flex your writing muscles for a full month. Plus bonus personal written feedback on the final exercise!

For group support, personal feedback and instant answers to your writing problems

Are you paralysed by fear?

Here are some suggestions for coping with fear from business guru and author Patrick Mork who I collaborated with on Step Back and Leap: 9 Keys to Unlock Your Life and Make Change Happen.

  • The best way to cope with the fears you have of writing, I think, is just to write. You just have to put yourself out there and know you did the best could.
  • Not everyone will like your work, it will resonate with some people but not others.
  • You need to be willing to make mistakes. People have a fear of failure. I always tell people, if you’re able to look at failure as a learning experience, it changes your perspective completely and you can do anything.
  • So, realise that you’re going to fail, realise you’re going to make mistakes, realise it’s not going to be all good. Just get on with it and learn as much as you can. Read more here…

Don’t forget

No matter where you are in your creative journey, always remember that every writer experiences blocks and rough patches. Be kind to yourself, use helpful resources, and your words will start flowing again soon. Writing is a muscle – the more you use it, the stronger it becomes!

So take a look through what’s offered above and invest in refueling your creativity today. Your writing dreams are worth it!

Want to go even deeper into using self-forgiveness to overcome writer’s block?

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Happy writing


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