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What do you need in order to write well?

Think of your life: a constant round of tasks and duties. Too many things to fit in the day. And demands? Oh my goodness, let’s not even start. Everyone wants something from you all of the time.

You may love them dearly (if it’s the family) or probably not (if it’s the boss), but still. How can you find the space to think, let alone free your mind sufficiently to dream, imagine and create?

You need a break. You need to be freed from the clamour.

That’s the first thing. If I were to say what else you need, it would definitely be guidance. Every writer, and certainly every new writer, needs another eye, someone to take them by the hand and lead them kindly in the right direction.

The best sort of guidance provides some lessons and knowledge but, more importantly, focuses personal attention on you and your work, offering advice about what works well and how to make it even better. You need someone to take an interest. You need someone to care.

That’s why retreats were invented – and the best sort of retreat can deliver on both these needs. Which is exactly why we, at All About Writing, devised our annual Venice retreat: to give you the inspirational space you need, as well as the time out of time to concentrate on yourself. We’ve very deliberately limited the number of writers on the retreat to just twelve.

This allows us to be on hand and constantly available to each of you, so that our exclusive attention is focused on your writing and our time devoted to you and your dreams.

It’s not a luxury. Each of us is starved of the time and space to focus on anything deeper than our shallow daily grind.

We all need the time to tend to our creative health, if we are to be balanced human beings.

There’s time and guidance aplenty in Venice this September. If you’re tempted, click here for more information about our retreat.

Please email us or fill in the contact for below to reserve one of the three remaining places still available.

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