Early bird special: Forget the magic charms, we’ll get you writing

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So you want to write a book? We can help.

Writing is not a magical process. You don’t need to sit waiting for inspiration, while desperation rises. No need to buy good luck charms, or wait for your muse.

Like any other artform, writing can be taught. And we have designed our flagship Creative Writing Course to provide all the skills you need to write fiction, memoir, or any other form of creative non-fiction.

We have used all our experience – where we succeeded and where we failed – as well as the best writing advice the world has to offer, to give you what we wish we’d known twenty years ago.

Whether you are completely new to writing, or have been writing for some time and would like to improve, our Creative Writing Course will give you practical advice and get you writing confidently in scenes.

Forget mysticism. We can make any writer much better. And we know it works. In twelve years, over forty books, fiction and non-fiction, have been published by past participants.

We can make your dreams come true.

The Creative Writing Course will be run online from 10 April 2021. You’ll be able to do it in your own time and you’ll receive personal feedback in every module. Early bird special ends 21 March. Coupon code: earlybird10. Book now and pay only £315 (usually £350) / ZAR5,670 (usually ZAR6,300).

If you’d prefer us to teach you in real-time, in a very small group, book early for our real-time class, starting Monday 21 June. Take advantage of the early bird special by using the coupon code cwearly in our UK shop or South African shop.

Please come back to me if you have any questions at all. If you’d like to chat, you are welcome to WhatsApp call me on +27824532591. We pride ourselves on trying to meet people’s needs



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