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Have you ever wished for a gentle guide who prods you to write each day? Someone who coaches you on best practice? Who is on your side?

That’s what we’re offering with our creative writing Coaching Programme – a guardian angel for writers.

We understand what you need, since we’ve experienced it ourselves. We all have times when we want to write, but can’t get it together, when we’re stuck or need to brush-up the skills to write seriously.

What you’ll get from the coaching programme

Over an intensive two-week period, starting on 7 May, you’ll develop a daily writing discipline while receiving honest, but kind advice on what works and how to improve. We provide a safe space in which you can feel free to experiment.

This is the second coaching programme for 2018 and this one focuses on the logic of story: the glue which holds it together. Each day, a short module – designed to fit into a busy day – will look at a different aspect of writing necessary for building a story, from its characters and the structure of its scenes, to sentence formation.

Why is story so important?

Story is the basis for whatever you write: fiction or non-fiction and whether for page or screen. Without this strong foundation, writing can flounder and lack focus, which is the reason so many writers get stuck. Once you understand the logic, you will gain the confidence of knowing exactly where you’re going. Your writing will flow.

On twelve out of the fourteen days of the programme, we give you full feedback on your writing. On the sixth and thirteenth days (Saturday 12 and 19 May), we will provide a live hour-long webinar, in which you can ask questions and discuss issues which may have arisen during the week. At the end of each week, you’ll receive an exercise which will bring together all that you will have learnt.

An added bonus

Sign up by 25 April, and get a thirty minute one-on-one consultation via Zoom (or Skype) with Richard or Jo-Anne after you’ve completed the coaching programme. We can give you additional feedback on your strengths and weaknesses – or on anything else you’d like to talk about. It’s your agenda, so you can call the tune. You might want to brainstorm a new story idea; or discuss the options for a striking beginning; or simply talk about writing. We usually charge R850 for a consultation – but we believe that for a writer struggling to make a breakthrough it could be worth much, much more.

But the dates don’t suit me

If you can’t join us on those dates, or are worried about the two week commitment, don’t despair. You can join our first Coaching Programme: Focus on Scenes, at any time.

Start immediately. You’ll still receive all the feedback we promise, but you can complete it in your own time, even if it takes you six weeks to finish.

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