November Newsletter: Something for writers of every flavour

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Something for writers of every flavour

We’ve seen writers of every flavour in the 13 years since we started All About Writing. We’ve had young writers, older writers, first-time-picking-up-a-pen writers, writers with years of experience and several books already behind them.

We’ve helped you write novels, short stories, scripts, memoirs, even postgraduate theses and a tarot deck!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that there are as many ways to write as there are writers, and that we can all learn from each other. Novelists come away from our screenwriting course with a sharper grip on dialogue, journalists come away from a short story workshop with a stronger ability to craft a punchy, compelling narrative.

This year has challenged everyone in new ways. We’ve all had to adapt, and we’ve loved seeing the stories and writing that you’re weaving out of the mess that is 2020. Check out our community news to see how some of the All About Writing community have fared this year. We’d love to hear how your writing has gone.

Read on to see what we can do to help you finish the year with a flourish – of your pen. We’ve got something for writers of every bent.

Free webinars and resources

Upcoming courses and workshops

  • Saturday workshop on subtext – 24 October
    This time round, we’ll be looking at subtext and how you can use it to tell better stories. We’ll be using examples from film, but the skills covered in this workshop will be useful for any storyteller wanting to hone their craft. Spots limited, so book soon to avoid disappointment. R325 / £20
  • Screenwriting Crash Course – Starts 26 October
    The Screenwriting Crash Course offers an exhilarating introduction to the craft of writing for film and television. In just five weeks, you’ll master the basic array of skills that could start you on a creative – and profitable – screen or tv writing path. R6300£350

Available immediately, just for you

  • 30-Day Writing Bootcamp
    A self-guided programme to better writing, with advice, stimulation and practice every day for 30 days. Option to receive feedback on the final exercise. R795£45
  • NEW! The Indispensable Guide to Creative Writing
    Use this mini-course to refresh your skills or as an introduction to creative writing. Suitable for writers of fiction and non-fiction. Receive a fresh lesson in your inbox every weekday for twenty days. R795£45
  • Power of Writing Introductory Course
    Explore creative writing on this four-module introductory course. Full feedback on all assignments. R750£45

A special end-of-year treat: Two different weekend workshop

We’re excited to be finishing our writing year with these exciting workshops. We, and our participants, are always amazed by just how much writing you can do in a single weekend, with a little help from a community of fellow writers and a guiding facilitator’s eye. Plus, everyone always has so much fun!

  • Travel Blogging and Writing Weekend – 7 & 8 November
    In just two days, you’ll write a travel blog post, start your own blog site, and upload your first post. If you want to blog about something other than travel, you’re welcome to join and get help and feedback too. R2,750£150
  • Virtual Short Story Workshop – 20 – 22 November
    Start with an idea on Friday, and emerge with the first draft of a short story on Sunday evening. R2,750£150

Want to win a voucher to one of our courses?

All About Writing’s latest writing challenge offers the winner a literary assessment on 5000 words of writing worth R 2750 / £ 150 or a voucher to the same value to use on one of our courses or programmes.

This month, we’re seeking flash fiction around the theme of flight. Aeroplanes, angels, Icarus retellings, flight as a metaphor, an amusing vignette, a fearful experience, all of the above or something else entirely – have fun!

Write no more than 250 words. Paste your entry into the body of an email and send to by midnight on 30 November 2020.

You can read some free, challenge-specific writing tips here, or check out the winners of our previous challenge, here.

Community News

We checked in with a small handful of our community members to find out how their writing went this year: the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Here are some thoughts from Eva Mazza, Fred de Vries, Gail Gilbride, Aimee-Claire Smith, Penny Castle, Tracy Fox and Vincent Pienaar:

2020 was going to be an awesome year as far as writing was concerned, harder on my writing than I could possibly have anticipated, unfinished novel continues to gather dust, could almost hear the cogs of the writing wheel grind to a painfully slow halt, the disappointment of not being able to launch, the part of me that loves to write is still in there, determined to begin writing in November…

Click here to read their full stories, and please join the discussion by adding your story in the comments.

Happy writing,
Jo-Anne, Richard, and the All About Writing team

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