How to meet the writing challenges of 2021

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One of the highlights of our 2020 was developing our new Hero’s Journey Course. It strikes us, though, that as we emerge fitfully from this year of the plague, we’re all embarking on our own heroes’ journeys. And what better way to meet the creative challenges of 2021 than with a quiverful of freshly sharpened writing skills?

We’ve brought together our own set of skills in the All About Writing team – entirely focused on helping you embark on your 2021 writing journey.

We understand what it is to be a writer. We know what you need, and we’ll provide it with our characteristic blend of honesty and kindness. Whatever stage you’ve reached in your journey as a writer, we can help.

If you’re a beginner, or want to dip your toe in before diving, we can offer essential advice on writing more creatively:

If you plan to write, rewrite or edit a work of fiction or creative non-fiction, a script for film or TV, or up your game as a writer, these comprehensive courses will give you everything you need:

If you need to consolidate your skills, practise, or get back into writing after being stuck, these courses will do the trick:

You’re ready to start writing, but need help in getting started, as well as guidance along the way:

If you need space and time out of your busy life to write, with daily one-on-one personal feedback and attention:

You’ve written a draft, but have no idea whether it’s any good, or perhaps you know it has problems but aren’t sure how to tackle a rewrite:

Book doctoring – at different levels, to suit your needs and pocket:

But, you might say, what about me? I can’t afford to pay for a course? We understand, and we’ve always made an effort to provide free offerings that give great value. If you take advantage of them all, we can guarantee your writing will improve. Greatly.

No matter who you are, or what you need, we have the understanding and expertise to provide you with the skills, hold your hand and give you objective, compassionate and knowledgeable advice on the way forward.

We hope to walk you forward into a new, and brighter writing year in 2021.

Jo-Anne, Richard and team AAW

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